Avijet is an international company offering a broad range of specialized aviation services, including aircraft managementaircraft acquisition and sales, aircraft maintenance and charter brokerage.

Our expertise and resources centre on respecting the ever-increasing value of our customers time and we are proud to offer solutions directly suited to their individual needs.

Executive aircraft ownership - The luxury of conquering time In addition to offering a comfortable and convenient way of travelling, executive aircraft ownership provides the luxury of ever precious time.

Avijet has a CAMO and ISBAO approval.

But managing your own aircraft can involve complex matters such as aviation legislation compliance, aircraft maintenance coordination, staff recruitment and productive aircraft operation. Avijet management services focus on offering the advantages of owning a business jet without the inconvenience of time consuming management. We offer a team of efficient and professional people whose expertise allows you to use your valuable time to your advantage.

Our services include 24 hours a day, 365 days a year overseeing and controlling all the intricate factors involved in operating your aircraft. This consists of hiring efficient and professional people, maintaining the aircraft, organizing hangerage and flight planning, arranging all accounting, financial and legal matters, acquiring the necessary overflight and landing permissions among many other fundamental factors of aircraft operations.


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